It is no secret that the smartphone can make it harder to stay married, but can they make it easier to get divorced?  The app developers of the world have tried to connect every aspect of your life to your phone, and they have mostly succeeded.  If your smartphone can help you stick to your budget or to your diet, then can it help you stick to your decision to separate amicably from your spouse, or at least, not to let your spouse get under your skin now that you have both decided to end your marriage?  Some of the most popular divorce apps can help you stay organized during a divorce, but for the most part, they work best in uncomplicated divorce cases. Even if you think that you, your spouse, and your phones have figured everything out, you should contact a Greenville divorce attorney before formalizing your divorce.


The Best Divorce Apps and Their Limitations

According to an article posted by Woman’s Day, these are the most useful apps for people going through a divorce.

  • Divorceify – This app is a searchable directory of professionals you might need to hire during a divorce.  These include process servers to deliver the divorce papers to your spouse, mediators to help you reach an agreement without going to trial, and divorce lawyers, among others.
  • Dtour Life – This app enables you to scan and share documents related to your divorce, so that you, your spouse, and your lawyers have access to them.  It saves you from the risk of accidentally emailing your confidential documents to the wrong person, as could happen if you just used your email account.
  • It’s Over Easy – This app has the same divorce forms you would find on the website of the courts in your county.  It lets you download, fill out, and file the forms right from the app. Needless to say, only the most uncomplicated divorces can be accomplished from your couch using only your phone.
  • Our Family Wizard – Our Family Wizard is a co-parenting app for couples who are divorced or going through a divorce.  It gives you an easily accessible record of communications with your ex so that, if necessary, you can demonstrate to the court that you have been abiding by your parenting plan.  Its text messaging feature includes a tone meter that lets you know when you are being too snarky or passive-aggressive in your communications with your ex.
  • Worthy – This app that lets you appraise and sell your old wedding jewelry only deals with one of the many aspects of divorce.

Some of these apps can be handy, but none of them can replace a divorce lawyer.


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The Information Age has changed how marriage and divorce work, in some respects, but no app can take the place of the expert advice of a Greenville SC family law attorney.  Contact Briggs Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina to discuss your case.

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