Divorce Monday is the day when more people file petitions for divorce and send their first communication with a divorce lawyer than any other day of the year.  Can you guess which Monday it is? Is it the Monday after Valentine’s Day, when wives who vowed that if their husbands forgot one more Valentine’s Day the marriage would be over?  Is the first Monday in June, when couples realize, after Memorial Day weekend, that they cannot possibly spend another summer of so-called family fun with their spouse? Is it the Monday after Thanksgiving, when a long weekend with the in-laws, in which your wife splurged on Black Friday again even after she promised not to, was just too much to bear?  According to the Internet, Divorce Monday is none of those days, but according to divorce lawyers, there is no wrong time to file for divorce. If you are sure that your marriage is over, contact a Greenville divorce attorney.


The Biggest Day of the Year for Divorce Petitions

Divorce Monday is the first business Monday of the year, which means it can be anywhere from January 2 to January 8.  It is when people are back to their routine after the holidays. People’s motivations for filing divorce petitions on Divorce Monday vary, but these are some of the main reasons.

  • For some people, taking a definitive step to end an unhappy marriage is a New Year’s resolution.  They have been building the courage to do it for the past several months, if not longer.
  • The Christmas holidays can change people’s minds from “possibly want t get divorced” to “ready to be single again.”  Perhaps they realized how unhappy they are spending time with their spouse and their spouse’s relatives.
  • Some couples who file for divorce on Divorce Monday have discussed the decision beforehand.  They may have wanted to wait so as not to ruin the holidays for their children, or perhaps they wanted to make a clean break between tax years.


Should You Divorce Now or Wait Until Divorce Monday?

Even though Divorce Monday sounds like a fun Internet Age holiday, along the lines of Talk Like a Pirate Day, you should not join the festivities.  If you know you want a divorce, you should file for divorce now. Divorce is easier emotionally and financially if you and your spouse can reach an agreement about child custody and division of property before going to court.  If it sounds scary to talk to your spouse about how to get out of your marriage, you should contact a divorce lawyer first. Surprising your spouse with divorce papers is generally a bad idea, but every situation is different. If it appears that you have been planning for your post-divorce life while your spouse thought you were planning to stay together forever, the court could be less likely to grant all your requests about what you want in the divorce.


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Divorce can be a long process, so it is best to start talking to a divorce lawyer now instead of waiting until the beginning of next year.  Contact the Briggs Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina to discuss your case.

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