High Asset Divorce

If you or a loved one are facing a divorce and have a case that involves high income and high asset issues, it’s more important than ever that you retain an experienced Greenville divorce attorney to handle your situation.

Your high asset divorce case may have many financial complexities and be emotionally hard on you. These types of circumstances call for a South Carolina divorce attorney like the Greenville family law attorneys at Briggs Law Firm who will address all the issues, and work closely with you through each stage of your case.


International Issues in High Asset Divorces

If your South Carolina divorce includes international property issues, privacy, asset identification, valuation, discovery, and support could be complicated in a high asset divorce. 

It’s essential to have a South Carolina family law attorney who understands the unique challenges to international issues. There may be issues that need to be addressed in a foreign court or jurisdiction, and you will want a South Carolina family law attorney who has the skill and knowledge to navigate the complexities of your high asset divorce.


South Carolina Business Owners and High Asset Divorce

In South Carolina, your high asset divorce will be presided over by the family court. Your small or large South Carolina business will be subject to equitable division between you and your spouse. 

Dividing a business in a high asset divorce means that your South Carolina family law lawyer like those at Briggs Law Firm will have to pay special attention, and have the experience to make sure your interests are protected.

They have the experience in working with how your business operates typically and knows which financial experts to bring into your case to explain what the real value of your business is. 


Other South Carolina High Asset Divorce Issues

Briggs Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina understands how stressful and emotionally draining a high asset divorce can be. We can work with you to develop a plan that will meet your individual needs. We can provide you with advice as it pertains to:

  1. Distinguishing what property is marital and dividing it equally in your divorce.
  2. Property put a value on any professional practices, family businesses, or other businesses you may have an interest in. 
  3. Assist you in obtaining the proper value for your home, vacation home, and any rental/investment property you and your spouse may own.
  4. Retirement assets such as a 401k, IRA’s and stock options
  5. Alimony, spousal support, and child support


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