Complex Property Division

If you and your spouse are going to get a divorce and significant assets are involved, obtaining a South Carolina family law attorney who is knowledgeable in handling complex property division is vital. The Greenville, South Carolina attorneys at Briggs Law Firm have the experience you need in handling complex divorce cases involving significant assets. They can ensure that the assets in your marriage are equitably distributed.

South Carolina divorce cases that involve complex property division can become contentious and filled with pitfalls that the Greenville family law attorneys at Briggs Law Firm are aware of and can work hard at preparing a strong case on your behalf.


Types of Complex Property Division Issues

Identifying, dividing, and valuing your marital property may be the most complicated issues of your divorce. While every divorce has its unique characteristics, there are sources of conflict that are common to many complex property division cases.   You and your spouse may be trying to divide and value assets that include:

  1. A Family Business
  2. Business Operations
  3. Division of Pensions, Retirement Plans, 401k plans, and other benefits
  4. Real Estate Investment Properties
  5. Stocks and Bonds
  6. Oil, Gas, and other mineral rights
  7. Overseas investments and assets
  8. Royalties and dividends
  9. Property valuation and division
  10. Second and vacation homes
  11. Farms, ranches, and livestock
  12. Unique assets such as jewelry, artwork, cars, and antiques
  13. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights plus other intellectual property rights.


Call the Briggs Law Firm Divorce Lawyers

At the Briggs Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, we work closely with forensic accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts, and other professionals to ensure all of your marital assets and debts are identified, including hidden assets. We work had to make sure your South Carolina complex property division issues in your divorce come to a fair and equitable conclusion.

If your divorce includes complex property division issues, you will require the proper professionals that have experience, knowledge and the skill in this area. In addition to our expertise in handling complex property division cases in South Carolina, we have relationships with other professionals such as tax attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners, and certified divorce financial analysts.

If you believe your spouse may be hiding assets that are part of the marital property, then you need to start documenting whatever evidence of this occurring that you can find and contact the Greenville, South Carolina lawyers at Briggs Law Firm today.

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