According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in 2017 there were 2,236,496 marriages. There were also 787,251 divorces.

Getting a divorce is a highly traumatic event. Especially if there are children involved.

It’s important to find a good support system. And one person who can definitely support and guide you through your divorce is a good divorce lawyer.

Divorce attorneys can help ensure you remain financially stable. They’ll also help resolve your divorce as quickly and amicably as possible.

If you’re wondering how to find a good divorce lawyer, keep reading. We’re sharing with you a few tips on how to find the best divorce attorney.

Find the Right Divorce Lawyer for the Process You Want to Use

As in every other field, there are some attorneys who are more skilled at certain processes than others. Some divorce lawyers are great at litigation but believe mediation is a waste of time.

However, this is your divorce. Figure out which divorce process is best for you. Then find the right divorce lawyer who has experience using that specific divorce process.

If your spouse has already hired a lawyer, your best bet is to hire a lawyer who is similarly matched in skills. A shark attorney against a known peacemaking lawyer won’t help you get the result you want.

Determine the Right Type of Service You Need

You should always obtain legal advice when going through a divorce, even if it’s amicable. But not everyone needs or can afford a $500 an hour attorney from a big divorce law firm working for them.

If you have a complicated financial situation or own several companies then yes, it makes sense to hire a big law firm who specializes in your needs. However, if you were only married for a few years, have no kids, no property, and aren’t dividing any retirement plans, a good solo lawyer may be best.

Form a Budget

In 2019, the national average cost for a divorce was $15,000. For many Americans, that’s a lot of money.

And while you may not want to pay for an attorney, unless it’s a friendly divorce, this isn’t the time to go cheap. Hire the best attorney you can for the budget you have.

A good divorce lawyer will help you ensure you walk away with some financial stability.

Do Your Research

There are several ways to find a good attorney once you know what type you’re looking for. One way is to ask family and friends.

The divorce rate is high so there’s a good chance you know of someone who has recently been through a divorce. If you’re lucky enough not to know anyone recently divorced, you may be able to find a referral program through the county you live in.

You can also do a Google search to find a local attorney specializing in your needs. However, there are also law directory sites available online that can help you narrow down your search.

Ask Questions

Don’t just settle on one attorney. Choose at least three or four attorneys to interview that you think may fit the bill.

Most offer free consultations. Bring along a list of questions you want to ask the attorney.

Ask About Their Job Experience

Ask how long they’ve been practicing law. Find out the types of clients they typically deal with.

Determine how much experience they have with the judges assigned to your case. It’s better to walk away feeling you asked too many questions than feeling as though you’re still in the dark.

Look at Their Website and Testimonials

Take a look at their website. It should be clean and professional looking.

It should also answer a lot of questions you may have about their services. While they may have testimonials on their site, it’s fairly common practice to only list the positive reviews on their site.

Look at other review sites to see what others have to say about their services. Check to see if they have had any complaints made about them.

Look at Their Office and Staff

When you’re in their office for your free consultation, take a look around. Make sure the office is clean and professional looking.

Pay attention to the staff. If they are polite, attentive, and courteous, it’s a good sign. If you notice signs where it’s a hostile environment or way too relaxed, you may want to find another attorney.

Make sure you feel comfortable when you’re in their office. Trust your gut instincts when you’re in there. If it feels wrong, find someone else to represent you.

Pay Attention to Their Communication Skills

Make sure you can easily communicate with everyone at the attorney’s office.

Find out how the attorney plans to communicate with you moving forward. That includes how quickly they’ll respond to your questions and what method they’ll use. It won’t do if it takes your attorney five days to respond to you via text.

It also won’t do if the attorney has their assistant handling all the communication.

Walk Away if You Made a Mistake

Sometimes, even if you took all the right steps, it turns out not to be a good match. And it’s not that uncommon.

If you begin feeling as though you have chosen the right attorney, don’t wait and hope for the best. Instead, find yourself a new divorce attorney.

Skills a Good Divorce Attorney Should Possess

Good divorce lawyers encourage you to speak candidly about your situation. They will gladly listen to you when you have something to say.

Good divorce attorneys make you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your divorce process. They are also willing to answer any questions.

Also, during your initial consultation, a good divorce lawyer will carefully outline all the costs associated with your case. That includes fees for legal services and the costs of each procedure.

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